There is simply no way we can tell you all there is to tell about twitter in 140 characters, or even 140 words for that matter, perhaps after trading in Twitter binary options you could tweet about your success and various ways in which you’re spending your new found fortune?

Twitter was initially created in March 2006 and launched in July of that same year in the San Francisco offices of podcasting company Odeo and has been in a sustainable growth mode since, with some experts claiming it is making strides towards catching up with current social network king Facebook.

The idea behind Twitter was quite simply to allow for a form of SMS type of communication between a group of friends or co-workers, and indeed, it was initially used as a form of interoffice communication tool for workers of the now defunct Odeo.

After being available for several months to the general public but not gaining mass traction Twitter made its first big leap at the 2007 SXSWi conference setting up monitors throughout the hall and streaming live tweets from conference goers, before SXSWi the amount of daily tweets hovered around 20,000, after the conference it spiked to 60,000, but those numbers are quite minuscule when compared with today’s everyday traffic information.

It is believed that Twitter’s 250 million users send out a mind blowing 500 million tweets per day with certain events causing spikes that go even higher than that incredible number, during the recent 2014 world cup final for example users tweeted over 600,000 tweets per minute, or 1000 per second (or 864 million if that same pace kept up for an entire day).

Twitter is generally considered to be the favored social network for mobile users, it takes advantage of quite a few possible points through which users can enter their tweets or read others – mobile apps, a dedicated mobile website, the “regular” twitter website and even SMS messages can all be used to “tweet”.

But there are countless of other unofficial apps that link to a user’s account and offer multiple advanced options.

It is unlikely that the mobile market will decline anytime soon, so it is highly likely that platforms such as Twitter that make great use of the mobile space and do not have a demanding app or display (as is often the criticism on Facebook) will be far better suited for this market.

Twitter had its first public offering of stocks on November 7th 2013 and ended the day with market capitalization in the sum of 24.46 Billion dollars, Twitter finished 2013 with an estimated market worth of over 32 Billion dollars.

Being a tech company means that trading in Twitter binary options requires one to notice narrower fields than say, Crude oil, however, one must pay close attention to information circling in and around those markets, news of possible purchases, earnings reports and user statistics all have an impact on Twitter’s prices.

It is also worthwhile noting that Twitter has had a number of service interruptions to its service over the years, varying in length from mere minutes to hours and rarely – days. Some events were localized to specific countries while some effected users on a global scale, such events should be paid great attention to, and if picked up in time can be used to make great profits for the quick to respond user.

If you’re one of those users who capitalize on Twitter’s success and make some profits off it, you will be sure to gain followers after all, everyone wants to  #winbig and make some killer #profits, and you just showed them the way.

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