We’ve grown accustomed to the fact that when we hear the word “superstore” we think aisles upon aisles of anything from snacks and pasta, to cheap clothing, shoes and electronics, anything and everything is up for sale, and if it’s for sale by the pound, well, that much better (and cheaper) for all concerned.

But the term “superstore” is not limited to that concept alone, there are plenty of other superstores around taking the concept of “one stop shopping” to places previously unexplored, and if one happens to be the first to take advantage of a void like that, an industry which has yet to adopt the concept, they can often become quite big, quite fast.

That just happens to be the case with Ulta Salon (beauty), and you can use Ulta Salon binary options to help your portfolio take a turn for the better in similar fashion.

For many people, beauty products are considered to be a luxury, often bought at great expense, and while most men do not invest a great deal of time, thought or money in that particular area, a lot of women make up for that, as evidenced by the fact that the cosmetics market generates income in excess of $50 billion per year from product sales alone.

With that kind of potential income at stake, it comes as little surprise that a company may seek to jump headlong into the void and attempt to take over it.

In less than 20 years, Ulta Salon has gone from being established by a pair of former drug company employees to being a company that is traded on NASDAQ, has over 19,000 employees and has surpassed 700 locations, with expansion continuing at a steady pace.

While it doesn’t seem to be the company’s stated goal, most executives at the top levels come with a great deal of experience, some were marketing specialists on other large corporations, some come from within the beauty industry and yet others came over from the pharmaceutical/drug industry, turning ULTA Salon into a who’s who of experts in marketing and in beauty products.

The company produces very little of the merchandise it sells, instead opting to buy bulk from a variety of suppliers such as L’Oreal, Maybelline and others as well as higher end suppliers.

In addition to sales of various cosmetics products, every Ulta salon location also comes with a full service beauty salon completing the customer experience.

All of these factors have aided in Ulta Salon becoming a highly profitable company, going from sales of $1 billion in 2009 to more than triple that number – $3.19 billion in 5 years, since late 2007 the company can be traded on the NASDAQ index, further cementing its status and profile.

If you wish to get into the beauty business and trade ULTA Salon binary options you only need to keep a couple of things in mind: 1) it may be large, and supply over 20,000 items in most of its locations, but as a company it only deals in one area, so income is of paramount importance to the direction the stock takes. 2) As of this writing, the company is in full on expansion mode, planning to get to 1,000 locations by the end of 2017, and binary options as well as real stock may well take a serious hit if that growth slows down or, god forbid, stops entirely.

Trading in Ulta Salon binary options can be a thing of beauty, so long as you take care of everything in due time.