If you’ve seen one pirate movie, you’ve seen them all…they all revolve around some long lost treasure being located, that treasure sometimes being centuries old.

Global banking may not be as exciting as the adventures of some swashbuckling pirate, but sometimes, there are treasures to be found, especially if you’re trading binary options on banking giants like UNICREDIT, some of whom, just like the above mentioned treasures, are centuries old.

There are very few banks, if any, still in existence, that can claim linage as long and successful as that of Unicredit, a bank that goes as far back as the late 15th century Bologna when Rolo Banca was founded by Monte Di Pieta which was a pawnbroker of sorts that was well recognized throughout Europe and had the backing of most regimes at that time to begin providing state regulated banking services.

Moving along its centuries long existence, Rolo Banca was, for the most part, content in developing its local business throughout Italy, by offering more varied services as time went on, unlike other banks that started popping up, which often made aggressive moves to assure growth, those banks were, for the most part, unsuccessful in unseating Rolo Banca from its position, probably due to its longstanding roots within the Italian community.

But as the song goes – the times they are changing, and even a financial institute as old and reliable as Rolo Banca is forced to adapt to market changes, lest it be erased from history in a pile of burnt credit notes hardly worth the paper they’re printed on, and so the bank merged with a few other Italian banks in 1998 to create Unicredito Italiano, assuring the majority of those banks survival for a much longer time to come.

The newly formed group quickly began expansion into emerging smaller markets with purchases in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria as well as a few significant purchases in the US.

By 2005 Unicredito Italiano was well into establishing its status as a leading banking brand in central and Eastern Europe when it merged with German banking group HVB to create one of the largest banking groups in all of Europe.

Throughout the past decade the group has continually made expansion efforts into smaller markets such as Kazakhstan with the purchase of ATF bank, but also continued to strengthen its hold on the local markets with other Italian banks and in some cases, proceeded to make leaps and bounds into previously uncharted territory like Spain, with the upcoming merger of Unicredit’s asset management unit with that of Spanish banking giant – Santander, a merger which, when completed, will result in assets exceeding a net worth of €350 billion under the group’s management.

Whatever your normal position may be when you trade binary options, we’re quite confident in saying that you would be very hard pressed to find another investment opportunity that can have the same rich history that UniCredit already has, and even if the group’s history does not serve to impress you, you can still do well enough for yourself by executing some smart trades on Unicredit binary options.