As binary options investors surely know, you sometimes have to take a few hits before you can succeed, and sometimes, from those bad things, good things can emerge, this is quite noticeable if you’re about to invest in Volkswagen binary options and want to learn a little more about its history.

Volkswagen’s “bad” roots lie in the fact that the company was essentially established by Adolf Hitler during the period of the 3rd Reich, the main goal was to design, build and market a car which could be affordable to every single person in Germany.

While the project itself was being developed, and a few models made serviceable but the entire enterprise was financially unsound, and could only exist due to the absolute control and corruption of the Nazi regime, in reality, by 1939 and the breakout of the 2nd world war not a single person of the over 300,000 who had reserved the car through various programs and payment schemes had gotten a their car delivered.

As the war broke out, the main factory where the cars were due to be produced was transformed to manufacture military vehicles, some of which were loosely based on the model meant for mass production.

It should not come as a particular shock to learn that the factory was damaged during allied bombings near the end of the war, but upon the conclusion of fighting, when it was handed to the British, its future was entirely uncertain.

It was a British army officer that salvaged it, Major Ivan Hirst, while the initial plan was to use it to repair various vehicles, he believed it could still be used to produce them, and placed an order for about 20,000 cars, most of which were to be used by various military personal.

As allied forces began withdrawing and Germany was divided to east and west, the Volkswagen factory and its now named model “beetle” were shopped around to quite a few international manufacturers, but none had any interest in the factory or the car, so it was left to fight for its own continued survival.

Initial sales were quite low, particularly in the US where the beetle famously sold 2 units in 1949, but through marketing and efficient production, profitability and sales increased to the point where the company produced 1 million vehicles in 1955, the company’s growing reputation for vehicle reliability aided in making the Beetle the highest selling car model in history, surpassing the Ford model T in 1972.

The continued expansion of Volkswagen and the profitability of any binary option investment in Volkswagen these hinges mostly on its sales and profits, which in the last couple of years have been in an upward swing, with revenue approaching €200 billion and profits nearing €10 billion, the company now boasts over 100 production facilities in 27 countries the company now produced nearly 10 million vehicles per year and employs nearly 600,000 people globally.

Making your binary options investment in Volkswagen smartly can lead you to finally leave that banged up car you’ve had for years and help you advance into something a little more worthy of your successes.