In order to make a withdrawal request, please follow these simple steps.

icon_numb_1 First of all, you need to be logged in.
icon_numb_2 Enter the Cashier section
The Cashier is the page on which you can:

* Deposit using credit card or any other payment method available.

* To recognize TickTackTrade’s Deposit Limits

* Withdraw your profits / funds.

* View a history of your Withdrawal Requests.

* View your Bonus History.

* View your Transaction History (deposits and withdrawals).
icon_numb_3 To make a withdrawal:
3.1 Click Withdraw to open the Withdraw screen.

3.2 Enter an amount to withdraw. This cannot be more than specified (underlined in red on the following screen).

3.3 Select your Preferred Payment Method.

3.4 Leave a comment (not obligatory). You can later view these comments in your Transaction History.

3.5 Depending on the available preferred payment methods, the system may not have your details stored, so you must fill those in to proceed.

3.6 When your transaction is allowed, you must Confirm to proceed or Cancel:Upon successful withdrawal, the Withdrawal Requests screen for the current date appears on display.
icon_numb_4 View Withdrawal Requests

4.1 Click “Withdrawal Requests”.

4.2 Select a search period (From: date To: date).

4.3 Click Search.
5 Cancel Pending Withdrawal Requests

To cancel your pending withdrawal requests:

5.1 Click Withdrawal requests to open the Withdraw screen.

5.2 Click the Cancel link (if available) for the respective bonuses.
6 View Bonus History
To view your bonus history, click the “Bonus History” tab. A detailed table with all your bonuses appears on display
7 Transaction History
To view your transaction history, click the Transaction History tab. A detailed table with all your transactions (deposits, withdrawals, redeemed bonuses, etc.) appears on display.