The business world seems at times to be an elusive beast, just when you believe you have it all figured out it changes. Up is down, left is right failures become successes, and successes failures, it is not very rare to see a single business or company run the entire financial gamut, from nothingness, to great success and to the brink of bankruptcy and sometimes, back to success again.

That is the story, at least up to now, of Internet giant Yahoo!, and we sincerely hope that if you choose to make an investment in Yahoo Binary options that your story takes only one turn – upwards.

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Like many of the dot-com companies that popped up much like fresh flowers after the first rainfall, Yahoo Was brought to life in the mid-90’s by a pair of Stanford university graduates, it was initially used primarily as a web directory and search engine, of which there were quite a few at the time.

Within 3 years of being established Yahoo! Grew to become the most popular starting point for most internet users throughout the world, and it continued to innovate and expand, quickly adding multiple services under its ever expanding umbrella – email, web-portal and other services.

The expansion of the dot-com bubble and its ever increasing popularity caused Yahoo! Stocks to soar to an all-time high in early 2000 – $118.75 per share, but the illusion of success and control burst rather quickly, and not 18 months later, the shares would sink to an all-time low of $8.11 per share.

Not long after the bursting of the bubble Yahoo! Would begin mass firings throughout the company in an effort to streamline its effectiveness and maintain profitability, however, it continually struggled to keep up with market leaders such as Google and Microsoft with many aspects of its business, and its continual and constant attempts to do so cost the company a great deal of money, time, research and gave it the outward appearance of hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

By 2008 Yahoo! was hanging on by the skin of its teeth and Microsoft had made a bid to purchase the company outright for $44 billion which Yahoo! Management rejected because they deemed that it devalued Yahoo’s worth, they were wrong. Not 3 years later, Yahoo! had sunk to a total market capitalization of just over $22 billion making Microsoft’s offer seem like a long forgotten dream (not to mention very accurate statement on Yahoo’s future).

But the story of Yahoo! doesn’t end on a sad note, or at the very least, it has yet to do so up to this point in time.

Since 2011 Yahoo! has taken great strides towards regaining its market relevance – it hired former google VP Marissa Meyer to be its new CEO, relying on her experience with cultivating new technologies and talent during her time with Google to aid in the company’s recovery, Yahoo! also purchased blogging site Tumblr in 2013, insuring access to its multitude of users and social network, while reception to Meyer’s arrival was somewhat mute throughout the business world, it would seem that whatever changes she applied since arriving have been working, as Yahoo! reported in late 2013 that stock prices had doubled since her arrival, and that for the first time in over 3 years it exceeded the number of visitors per day that Google achieved in the month of July.

Like many other internet and technology based companies, Yahoo’s future will revolve around its ability to remain relevant in the ever changing market place, while listening to the demands of its various consumers, while relevance can be achieved through development or purchase of companies and technologies, popularity and income can only be maintained by growing the number of users that support Yahoo!

You too can show your support for Yahoo! by trading in Yahoo! binary options, and aid its continued recovery from the brink of disaster, or, if you believe otherwise, bet against further success, whatever you believe the outcome will be, make sure you profit from it!